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Laminated timber in a class of its own

Dimensionally stable and visually appealing

Glulam is an industrially manufactured product for supporting structures, which has higher bearing capacities than common construction timber by up to 80 %. During the manufacturing process, individual, thin and artificially dried boards are layered and glued. The finished product can be both straight and curved beams. Due to its construction, glulam is a very stable building component hardly susceptible to cracking; building components made of glulam meet the requirements of construction regulations and are subject to a regular quality control according to EN 14080 for supporting timber components. Glulam is particularly suitable for highly stressed and widely strained components with high demands on shape stability and visual attractiveness.


Nordlam’s main product – superior in many ways. Large production capacities ensure its quick supply in various sizes. The fully automatic sorting of the raw materials as well as cosmetic optimizations provide surfaces of the highest quality throughout. Moreover, additional cosmetic checks and treatments guarantee the highest level of quality. This ensures an altogether satisfying product, with the result being partially tailor-made to the customer’s wishes.
In order to protect glulam products from the environmental, the standard packages are packed in an optimal way and absolutely material-sparing on all six sides. This way, the accurate surface remains protected up to the point of further processing by the customer.

Standard glulam products are glulam cross sections of various strength classes (GL 24h, GL 28 c/h, GL 30 c/h, GL 32c/h) referring to the surface qualities of visual and industrial quality. They are not reinforced and have a lamellar thickness of up to 45 mm.

Type of wood: spruce

  • Sorting according to EN 14081 for all GL classes
  • Moisture content: 9 - 14 %
  • Glue: melamine resin / EPI
  • Qualities: visual, industrial
  • Testing institutes: MPA Stuttgart, HFA (Holzforschung Austria), KIT (Karlsruher Institute of Technology), NTI (Norsk Treteknisk Institutt)

Product details

  • made of spruce wood
  • lamellar thickness up to 45 mm, light shaded glued joints
  • planed on 4 sides
  • chamfered edges
  • quality-tested manufacturing
  • extensive stock


  • dimensionally stable
  • true to size
  • defined stability
  • controlled wood moisture
  • highly resilient with low dead weight
  • consistent premium product quality
  • economical production
  • ecologically harmless
  • aesthetic look


Promptness is one of Nordlam’s strengths – and essential when short construction terms must be kept. For short-term requests there is a high rack storage system for glulam that is unique in the world, representing yet another aspect of international leadership and intensive customer focus.
The store offers access options to the entire store program, featuring glulam with a length of up to 24 metres. It takes only a few moments to load and unload all the required parts – every day. Surface-sparing boxes are used for transport. In case the order exceeds the available stock, additional glulam can be produced as required in just a few days.

Product details
  • made of spruce wood
  • lamellar thickness up to 45 mm, light shaded glued joints
  • planed on 4 sides
  • chamfered edges
  • quality-tested manufacturing
  • extensive stock


  • material-sparing storage
  • precise and clear cut
  • accurate and first-class planing
  • direct and prompt access to individual pieces
  • extensive available stock, resulting in high availability of all cross sections
  • shortest delivery times


The advantages of Nordlam ceiling components ("EXPRESSElements") are obvious. As the name implies, their main virtue is speed, which makes them above all economically efficient. The installation of a threaded insert allows for quick and easy assembly. The ceiling can be walked on immediately after being assembled. There are no compromises in terms of quality, application areas and stability. On top of that, Nordlam EXPRESSElements look tremendous from below. Depending on the area of application, they may also become a visible room ceiling.
As far as room climate is concerned, they create a very comfortable atmosphere, making you feel at ease. Installations, even later on, can be done without any problems.

Practical application
EXPRESSElements are manufactured in visual or industrial quality and are suitable for
  • ceilings
  • walls
  • grounds
  • roofs

Type of wood: spruce
  • Sorting according to EN 14081 for all GL classes
  • Moisture content: 9 - 14 %
  • Glue: melamine resin
  • Qualities: visual, industrial
  • Testing institutes: MPA Stuttgart, HFA (Holzforschung Austria)

Areas of application
  • stand alone homes and apartment houses
  • industrial and commercial buildings
  • municipal buildings and leisure facilities (e.g. schools, kindergartens, sports halls)
  • farm buildings
  • special buildings (e.g. bridges)
  • restorations and extensions

Product details

  • spruce wood
  • lamellar thickness of up to 45 mm
  • component width standard 600 mm (covered area 585 mm), more widths on request
  • light shaded glued joints
  • rebate and groove versions – see page 21


The Nordlam portfolio is completed by extensive joining options. Under appropriate conditions, engineers such as specialised carpenters offer a professional joining. Your advantages are obvious. Referring to only one contact person, you have combined the whole range of glulam standard, commission and joining in one service package. Here, it is always useful to be able to resort to existing drawings. If data is available as “bvn”-files, it can automatically be imported into the Hundegger program, and then be arranged in a modular system for you. Additionally, we can also apply a surface coating – according to your wishes and with prior consultation
about colour and product.
As for traditional manual joining, the carpenter nowadays has to ask himself, if he can carry out the orders fast enough as well as cost-efficiently with this method. Of course, there were good reasons to stick to the “joining craft”. However, times have changed, and today’s price level alone is reason enough to use the advantages of fully automated, computer-assisted joining. Cost-efficiency becomes more and more important when carrying out the orders at the worksite. Advantages and disadvantages of the calculation are mostly to be seen on-site. Therefore it is increasingly profitable to raise the level of pre-manufacturing. This is to the benefit of both the craftsman and the builder.
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